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Star Ceiling Panel
Fiber Optic Star Light Traditional Installation
The starry sky ceiling light can produce the effect of stars twinkle, including the light engine andplastic PMMA fiber optic, the length of the fiber can be customized. Twinkling star ceiling effects for Home Theater, Restaurant, Banquet Hall, Play School, Bed Room, Drawing Room. It is no heat or electricity, make them safe to touth and perfect for wet or humid environments where conventional lighting would be dangerous.
  • Item NO.:GEP

  • Product Origin:JiangSu, China

  • Order(MOQ):8pcs

  • Main Material:PMMA Fiber Optic + Aluminum

  • Lighting Colour:RGB

  • Remote Control:RF-Wifi/Bluetooth

  • Application:Star ceiling for home theaters, bars, nightclubs, KTV or baby rooms

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Product Details

6W (Shooting Star) / 18W (Twinkle) / 27W (Twinkle) / 45W

Fiber Optic Ceiling Panel Systems - One of the most exciting architectural lighting effects!


Fiber optic illuminators ships with a black/white wheel for a twinkling star night effect or a color wheel for a kaleidoscope effect.


Truly simple to install, this is the easiest do-it-yourself Fiber Optic system to create a starry night ceiling in your Home Theater, restaurant, dining room, bathroom or any other room.

This simple, easy-to-install system uses a fiber optic LED or Halogen illuminator as a light source with clear acrylic fibers. Install through special pre-drilled polyester panels. Or drill through any existing ceiling or wall.


Restaurants,Hallways, Spa Therapy Room, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Entryways, Living Rooms, Entertainment Rooms, Home Theaters, Play room, Den, Party Room, Outdoor Patio, Florida Room, Gazebo, Visual Merchandising, Exhibit projects.

Product Pictures

It would be helpful to have the following information ready for discussion:

  • Size of the star field (in square feet)
  • Star density (number of stars per quare foot)
  • Distance from the center of the room to the light source storage location
  • Ceiling type (Suspended or Drywall)

Installation Instructions

STEP 1: Drill hole size same as diameter of fiber optic or fiber optic cable.

STEP 2: Through fiber longer than you need.

STEP 3: Secure fiber with siliconesealant.

STEP 4: Trim fiber until satisfied.

STEP 5: Adjust the mode with the remote control.

Our Factory

Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd. professionally makes and markets plastic optical fibers, glass optical fibers, optical fiber lamps, and various green lights & lamps, specializing in universal non-communication optical fibers. Our running mission: technology based and market oriented. Our quality products have been exported to Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.


Q: What scenes are available?
A: Mainly used in: hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, scenic spots, home interiors, etc.

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: One year. 
Q: How to install?
A: The installation is simple, please contact customer service for installation drawings. 
Q: Can it be customized?
A: Yes, contact customer service to customize different patterns, sizes, light-emitting patterns, fiber lengths, etc. 
Q: Are there samples?
A: Contact customer service to put forward your request.
Q: How long is the delivery period and how long will it take to receive it?
A: Generally it can be completed in about two weeks, depending on the customized product. 
Q: How about after-sales?
A: If there is a problem, we will provide replacement parts.

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Subject : Fiber Optic Star Light Traditional Installation