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Car Door Logo Projector
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LED LOGO light can project colorful image on the ground or wall. Nanjing Giant provide the best quality LOGO projector which can project very clear and sharp image you have ever seen. All the model also can be made into 12V or 24V DC.
  • 1. Different Logos/Brands selectable. 2. Projector to be stuck on door and magnet on doorsill (sensor close to magnet, within 2CM). 3. Press push button to turn on light. 4. If door is closed, light turns off automatically; if opened; turns on. 5. Press push button to turn off light compulsorily. 6. Customized projections are available(extra cost needed). 7. Package: each in simple poly bag. If you need color box, shipping cost will be more expensive, please contact us before making paymen
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