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Leipzig Light Festival commemorates special days with laser projector

In order to commemorate the peaceful transformation of the East Germany, citizens now celebrate this special day on October 9 every year with the Leipzig Festival of Lights. 

Take a look back at last year’s Leipzig Light Festival and look forward to this year’s Light Festival.

The centerpiece of the participatory video installation on display in Piazza Augustus is a 3.5-meter-tall tower housing 20 laser projectors. 

There is no specific area that the device is targeted at, but 300 white banners are available that entice visitors to use them to capture images, equivalent to 300 small screens. 

The projected patterns are combined from historical records from various archives or materials created during workshops.

One person can make a small part visible, and if several people come together, a larger picture emerges.

 People can come together to demonstrate peacefully and remember those who bravely took to the streets in 1989 to fight for freedom and democracy.

With every step, more comes to light. 

The more people there are at the same time, the more information needs to be read. 

The installation is accompanied by a sound collage in which the noises, slogans and fears of yesteryear are combined with the thoughts of today, thus acoustically building a bridge between past and present.

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