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A stunning journey of light and shadow art in the grottoes

The "One Reed Crossing the River" Grotto Light and Shadow Art Museum, located in the Bodhidharma Ancient Cave Scenic Spot in the Muyan Riverside Scenic Area of Nanjing, presents the country's first live scene light and shadow show with the theme of Bodhidharma.

Swim in it, enjoy an amazing aesthetic feast of the Six Dynasties on the banks of the Yangtze River and in the Shogunate Mountains, and take a journey of light and shadow art in the grottoes through thousands of years of time and space.

Here, the outdoor gobo logo projection lamp is used to project the text on the disc, and the poems are illuminated on the wall, and the legend of Bodhidharma is written in the way of light and shadow.

During our visit, the 3D laser firefly effect projector made the firefly starlight shine on us, as if we were in the illusion of time and space, and every starlight is the intersection of us and history.

A visual feast created by light and shadow allows people to read historical legends with modern technology, which is really wonderful.

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