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Watch a fantastic garden light show together

The Longwood Garden Night Tour Light Show invited Bruce Munro as the chief designer. This four-month night tour light show takes "Back to the Light" as the theme, combining outdoor and indoor to create a Garden exhibitions that combine light, scenery and imagination leave visitors with an unforgettable garden experience.

The LED fiber optic ball light flower sea is the first light landscape that makes people feel fantastic and shocking. The elegant and bright light is like thousands of flower buds dancing on the lawn.

This kind of landscape light is suitable for creating a spectacular light show in a certain amount, and it can also be placed in the home garden for lighting decoration, as well as shopping malls, real estate, homestays and other places that need landscape lighting decoration.

In addition to the decoration of the light ball, there is also a light and shadow installation in the indoor exhibition hall. When the light changes, the picture forms a sparkling river and sparkling stars, which deepens the visual beauty of flow.

The beautiful light and shadow effects can be achieved through a dynamic projector, which can project dynamic effects of the sky, water ripples, and fireflies.

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